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What makes us different from the rest?

We not only build your website, but we also evaluate the type of website you need, and customize your site to fit your desires.

Here are the services involved with Website Development:

    1. Domain Name Registration {ex. www.mywebsite.com}
    2. One month of hosting services (Free)
    3. Photo gallery, contact forms, appointment forms & more
    4. 2 Domain based Emails {ex. someone@mywebsite.com}
    5. 3 months for Free Website Security
    6. Registration on Google
    7. When we register you on Google, we will provide you with the data needed to make sure that you are seen on google.
    8. Linking of website with social media outlets
    9. Free Consultation and Tips from our Marketing Experts 
    10. Initial SEO implementation
    11. SEO is basically the keywords and phrases to make sure that your business is found in search engines. That is why our websites are not just simply websites, but they are active working websites. This means that with Google Business and the program plugins available, we do everything to make sure your website is visible and active in the search engines and not just stagnant.



We have over 10 years of website design and maintenance service. We stay up to date with the latest methods and marketing advantages to put your website on the World Wide Web..>The Right Way!